Greasy Grass Scouts
P. O. Box 117 Garryowen, MT  59031
1-406-638-2438   or   e-mail:


Dates for next year:

     June 5 & 6- Gundown on the Little Big Horn  Annual Action Match

     July 17 & 17- Rundown Grand American Mounted Match

 ****Sept. 10, 11, & 12  MT SASS STATE FINALS**** 
 Friday- Mounted
Saturday & Sunday- Action

These dates are approved & sent in to Nationals.

We’ll have our usual 4th Sunday of each month Action Shoot starting with sign up at 10:00, shooter’s meeting at 10:30 and Action at 11:00.
This should enable any travelers or late sleepers to come.  We’ll try to do Mounted shooting practices the 4th Saturdays at the same times through the summer.

Some Area Shoots to keep in mind


June 5 & 6

Our Action Ground  Spearfish Mounted

June 11 & 12

Cody Action

June 8 – 13

Rapid City  Mounted Nationals

June 17

Spearfish SASS Mounted

June 19 &20

Spearfish Mounted State Championship

July 2 - 4

Cheyenne Action

July 3 & 4

McCallister MT Action

July 9

Roundup Mounted

July 9 – 11

Simms MTAction

July 17-18

Our Mounted Grand American

July 23 & 23

Douglas, WY Mounted

August 12–14

Utah Range Wars Action

August 27-28

Regional Mounted in Livingston

Sept. 3-5

Black Hills Mounted

Sept. 4&5

Pringle SD Action

Sept. 10


Sept. 11-12


Sept. 17-19

Great Northern- Idaho both mounted & action

Don’t forget these monthly Action matches too!

Area Code (406)

Greasy Grass Scouts- US!

4th Sun. 10:00 sign up 10:30 meeting 11:00 shoot  call 638-2438    *thru summer Mounted practice 4th Sat.

Sun River Rangers- Simms

1st Sun. call 727-7455

Honorable Road Agents

McAlister 2nd Sat.  call 682-7380

Rocky Mountain Rangers

Noxon 2nd Sat & Sun. call 847-0745

Last Chance Handgunners

3rd Sat.  call 443-0583

Rosebud Drygulchers

4th Sat. call 356-7885

Yellowstone Regulators

4th Sat. call 646-9760

Seven Down Regulators- Spearfish

1st Sun.  call  1-605-578-2797

Black Hills Shootist Assn.- Pringle

3rd Sun. call   1-605-787-6120

Colter’s Hell Justice Comm

Cody- 1st Sat. call 1-307-527-6554

Bessemer Vigilance Comm.

Casper 1st Sun.  call 1-307- 268-4434

Powder River Justice Comm.

Buffalo 3rd Sun.  call 1-307-684-9473

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