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These pictures are used for the Avatar on the Nevada CAS Message Board.

To place your picture in your profile, you must be registered with the Nevada CAS Message Board.

1. Log in, 2. Open Profile, 3 Modify Profile, 4 Scroll down to Avatar ULR and post the ULR for your picture.
To get the ULR, Right click your mouse on your picture below, That opens properties of picture. Copy the ULR.
To copy and paste, put your mouse pointer at the beginning or end of the ULR for the picture.
ULR starts with http:// and is quite long.
Hold down the left click and slide the mouse over the ULR to highlight it.
When the complete ULR is highlighted let go of the left click on mouse. Highlight should remain.
On your key board, press and hold down the Ctrl Key and then the C key. You now have the ULR on the clipboard.
Go back to your profile and under ULR Avatar put the mouse pointer in the box.
Press and hold down the Ctrl Key and press the V key on the keyboard.
Your ULR should appear.

If ya need some help, ok to call Hick (H702) 647-2752 or (C702) 525-4428 and I will guide your through the process.
Or if you like, I can post the picture for ya. Jus t let me know.

Otto N Sure

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