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Good place to post info about your clubs monthly/annual shoots.
If you would like to post a Avatar (Picture) on your profile.
Send a picture to Hick and I will reduce the picture so it can be used.
Please register on message board prior to sending your picture. Need to verify member of message board to open your e-mail.

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Information posted will be indicated with caption (PDF)

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Monthly Shoot Scores

Nevada Club News

Misc. News & CAS Nevada Activities

Jan.7th - SAMS Clean Shoot Scores Jan.07 (PDF)
Jan.7th - Madd Mikes Scores Desert Lakes 1/5/08 (PDF)
Dec. 30th - Silver City Shooters Society Dec. 07 (PDF)
Dec. 18th - Silver State Shootist Dec. 07 (PDF)
Dec. 17th - Desert Desperados Dec. 07 (PDF)
Dec. 16th - Great Basin Gunhawks 12/15/07 (PDF)
Dec. 11th - Nevada Rangers Scores Oct/Nov.07
Dec. 10th - RCCSA Scores Dec. 07 (PDF)
Dec. 4th - Lone Wolf Shooters Wild West Extravaganza Scores (PDF)

Jan. 10th- Sin City Mounted Shooters Newsletter Jan.08 (PDF)
Dec. 30th - RCCSA Newsletter Dec. 07 (PDF)
Dec.21st - High Plains Drifters News Dec.07 (PDF)
Dec. 20th - Eldorado Cowboys News Dec.07 (PDF)
Dec.20th - Pahrump Cowboys News Dec.07
Dec. 11th - S.A.M.S. Msg. From President



Jan.8th Western Cup Who's Coming (PDF
Jan. 8th- Madd Mike DesertLakes Pictures Jan08 Shoot
Jan. 7th- Madd Mikes DesertLakes Stages for Feb. 08 (PDF)
Dec. 20th - Dixie Desperados Newsletter Dec.07 (PDF)
Dec. 10th - Madd Mike 1st Place All Categories (PDF)
Dec. 8th - Sin City Mounted Shooters Pictures
2024 WinterFest Parade in Henderson, NV
Dec. 7th - Nevada Rangers Stampede 2024
Information and Registration

Nov. 30th - Sin City Mounted Shooters Web Page Updated
Nov. 29th - Western States 2024 Information & Registration (PDF)
Nov. 29th - Purgatory Flats Pictures Posted.
Photos by Shortstock

December 2024

(Click on above for information received from 
each club about that clubs monthly shoot date and time)

Here's your printable monthly calendar for Nevada CAS shoots. 
(PDF Format)
(Every cowboys/cowgirls refrigerator should have one of these)

Not available at this time

Shoots coming up January 12th & January 13th, 2024

January 12th, 2024 - Sin City Mounted Shooters 
Regular Shoot at $45.00, and optional $10.00 Jackpot - Saturday - Bonnie Springs Old West 9:00 am start time.
January 13th, 2024    Nevada Rangers 
January 13th, 2024   Roop County Cowboy Shooters Assn.   
Reno/ Sparks, Nevada
Washoe County Regional Shooting Facility.  22 miles North of Sparks on Pyramid Lake Highway.
Camping is allowed,  so, come out, help set up and camp.   Sign Up at 9:00 am.  Shooter's meeting at 9:30 am. Shooting beginning at 10:00 a.m.
January 13th, 2024  Lone Wolf Shooters - Pahrump Nevada
Range Opens 9:00am - 2:00pm
January 13th,  2024    Pahrump Cowboy Shooters Association  


Stagecoach News  

The stagecoach just arrived with CAS news from out of state
Information about shoots just outside of Nevada
(Got a shoot ya like listed, send e-mail to
with Information)


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