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NOVEMBER 1 AND 2, 2024





Eldorado 2024 was a great success.  For those of you who could not join us, you missed a good shoot.  We had a little over 100 shooters participate from nine states this year.  Everyone has been giving us good reviews and are telling us that they will be joining us next year.  Hope you can be there also.

Congratulations to the new Nevada State Champions -              Quick Cal

                                                                                                Ded I Dalton

The overall winner was                                                             Durde Dugan

We had two clean shoots - Sacramento Johnson and 00 Buckshot.

Best Dressed Working Cowboy                                               Mean Low Down Dean

Best Dressed Working Cowgirl                                                 Goode Bascomb

Best Dressed Downtown Cowboy                                            Kid Sopris

Best Dressed Downtown Cowgirl                                             Livi Langtry

Best Dressed Couple                                                                Big Mad Dog Dave & Daisy Mayhem

Oldest SASS Member Shooting                                               102                  Dirty Jack Slade

Newest SASS Member Shooting                                              53389              Knippa Kid

Eldorado Cowboy True Grit Award                                          C. M. Poppin


The Second Annual Eldorado Cowboy SASS Convention Shoot is December 7, 2024.  You can find the registration forms on the net or get one by calling Charming at 565-3736.  Please make a note that we will be shooting only on Sunday, December 7, 2024.  There is an off road race that weekend that closes the roads to the shoot site.  Getting to the shoot site for camping will not be available until after 4:00 p.m. on Saturday evening.  Sorry for the inconvenience but we have to share the land with other uses.  Thank you for your understanding.

We have written what we hope are eight quick stages.  We are working under the constraint of putting on eight stages starting at 9:30 and ending by 3:30 with the possibility of 75 to 100 shooters.  Wish us luck.  The approximate ammunition count is � pistol 70, rifle 60, shotgun 30 plus.


For everyone who gets notice of the Eldorado Canyon Gazette being available via email, you will notice a disclaimer on the email.  We have been told that the number of emails we are sending to our members could be considered Spam.  They are now aware that it is a club mailing but the disclaimer is required just in case someone complains. 


Lady Nottingham made the Christmas tree ornament for Eldorado Cowboys for the SASS Schlorship fundraiser. It has been sent on to SASS and should be displayed on the tree at the convention.  Be sure to look for it when you attend the convention.  She did a great job.   Thank you Lady.


We want to formally welcome our latest Life Member to the Eldorado Cowboys.  Rattlebury received the gold badge at the Eldorado 2024 Awards Event.  He does look good in gold.


See you on the range soon.

                                                                                    Eldorado Cowboys







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Mercury 566-3603   245-4428    [email protected] 
Shado 254-5854  326-5854 254-3328  [email protected]
Charming  565-3736  218-9094  565-4417 [email protected]
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