Volume 5            Issue 11                                            November 17, 2023


DECEMBER 7, 2023







Due to an off road race, the railroad trestle road will be closed from approximately 2:00 on Friday, December 5, until approximately 4:00 on Saturday, December 6, 2023.  This road closure means that we will not be having a Saturday shoot in December.  If you plan to bring the recreational vehicles out for the Sunday shoot, you should plan to do so after 5:00 on Saturday night.  We regret that this has to be, but we share the area with other venues.  If you have any questions, please contact Blind Bill or Charming.

As a reminder, the Convention shoot will cost $25 per shooter.  This charge includes lunch.  Additional lunch tickets for non-shooters are $6.00.  If you have not already informed Charming that you will be coming, please give her a heads up so we can give the cookie a good head count for lunch.

We currently are expecting approximately seventy-five shooters for the Convention Shoot.  Twenty-six have registered through S.A.S.S. and will be coming from fourteen states, including Nevada.  Looks like we are going to see a lot of new cowboys.

We had forty-two shooters over the Saturday and Sunday shoots this month.  We must be writing these stages too easy or you all are getting better.  We had a total of eight clean shoots this weekend.  We know that Sasparilla Sal had her very first clean shoot.  I am sure that a couple more may have had their first ones also.  Congratulations to Diamond Jim Bandy, Knippa Kid, Sasparilla Sal, Blind Bill, Mercury, Clearwater Kid and Little Bit Country.  Good job everyone.

If you have not taken the time to visit Little Penny Wrangler�s website, you should.  Her time spent in Nevada is getting to be very well documented.  She has been having some adventures in California also.  By the time she gets back to Utah in March, she will have a lot of stories to tell about her adventures.

Looks like everyone will have quite a busy time over the next several weeks.  We are looking at Thanksgiving, the Shootout at Purgatory Flats, Cowboy Christmas, Cowboy Country, SASS Convention, Rodeo, Christmas, and New Year�s Eve.  Charming advises that there will be a whole lot of shopping going on.

Hope to see you all on the range soon.  If you have any questions or need any information on the upcoming shoot, please give one of the Board members a call.

                                                                        Eldorado Cowboys


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Blind Bill                           368-3934    279-2909     368-4069                 [email protected]

Mercury                           566-3603    245-4428                                     [email protected]

Shado                              254-5854    300-0710     254-3328                [email protected]

Charming                          565-3736    592-1035     565-4417                 [email protected]

Dick West                          736-6190                                                       [email protected]

Eureka                               597-0097                                                         [email protected]     

Boxcar Johnny                 736-4627                                                              [email protected]

Hick                                 471-7463    647-2752                              [email protected] 

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