Well, off we go to The Reckoning at Blacks Creek SASS Idaho State Championship

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There were 12 of us shooters and 2 wives, Ike's and Diggers.  Belmont and Tonopah live up there now, so counting them we had 14 shooters.
Some of us left Wednesday and some Thursday.  It takes about 8 hours to get there and pulling a trailer it might take a little more time.  We took our 5th wheel, Denio, Ike and Digger took their trailers also.  Sgt. Mac, Fernley, Miz Buckman, Tim and Brazos all stayed at Belmont and Tonopahs.  Daisy and Doc stayed in a Hotel this trip.
Well, Thursday were the side matches which we didn't make as we arrived in the afternoon.  The weather was great, not too hot or cold.  The camping area was nice, there was running water and a building which had restrooms and showers, all the conveniences of home. We did sign up, and everyone was given a belt buckle, a $10 Calbela's bucks, and a coupon for Hap Tallman in Boise for a discount on shirts, vests, felt hats and boots.  We took off for Belmont and Tonopah for dinner with the ones staying with them and Daisy and Doc arrived in town to have dinner also with us.
The range was set up really nice and it was very clean.  I was really impressed with all the work they must have done.  They had hay bales for burms on the upper stages and a lot of neat things, like a stagecoach, fences, well, steers, and trees. kcidaho14.jpg (166607 bytes)     kcidaho26.jpg (253210 bytes)   On every stage there was a container with bottled water, and believe me it sure went fast.  They brought in a truck that help ice and the bottled water so they could refill when needed.  Nice thinking.
On the lower stages they had store fronts, kcidaho49.jpg (162974 bytes)    kcidaho61.jpg (186740 bytes)   jail, hotel, land office and others ones.  These were all set up in burms and all the targets were close (which is SASS shooting).
Friday moring we had our Safety Meeting at 7:30 a.m. and started shooting at 8:30.  Our posse, which consisted of I believe 19 shooters, kcidaho07.jpg (152209 bytes)  started on the upper stages, and finished all 6 by around 12:00.  It was cold in the morning, but it warmed up as time went by.  Not too hot.

kcidaho21.jpg (136439 bytes)    kcidaho32.jpg (187949 bytes)    kcidaho35.jpg (157095 bytes)    kcidaho10.jpg (180095 bytes)    kcidaho13.jpg (139989 bytes)

After we finished they had Team Shoot, and Couples Shoot, and Long Range Matches.  Several did the Long Range, including Conocho Kate kcidaho41.jpg (210796 bytes)  from Idaho who used our 45-70 and shot it for the first time.  She really liked it.  She's a hunter, so she did really good. They had a food vendor there serving hamburgers, hot dogs and BBQ beef sandwiches.  The food was great and the prices good.  There were several other vendors, clothing and guns.

Between 5:00 - 7:00 there was and ice cream social (with cake) and prize games at the range.  Also they had drawings for firearms, kcidaho42.jpg (229896 bytes) more than one and a drawing for Buckaroo firearm.
Now the game was using a dart gun to pop balloons and inside the balloons was a paper with a number which matched a prize with the same number. kcidaho43.jpg (163031 bytes)    kcidaho44.jpg (202306 bytes)  The prizes were really nice and everyone had a nice time.
Saturday morning we started on the lower stages at 8:00 a.m. kcidaho54.jpg (161491 bytes)   kcidaho56.jpg (104784 bytes)   kcidaho59.jpg (218653 bytes)  The weather cooperated and stayed really nice with a slight breeze. Diggers wife was our score keeper and did a great job. kcidaho29.jpg (226332 bytes)   We finished our 6 stages again around 12:00. kcidaho58.jpg (247557 bytes)   kcidaho62.jpg (119140 bytes)  kcidaho63.jpg (175262 bytes)  Now this time a bunch of us went into town for lunch, about 12 of us.  After we all went back and got ready for our evening Banquet and Awards ceremony.  Now Happy Hour was at 6:00 and dinner at 7:00, this was back in town.  A lot of nice award were given out and some of our group brought one home.
Daisey won for Best working cowgirl
Miz Buckman won 2nd for Lady Duelists
Belmont won 1st for Lady Gunfighter
Brazos won 2nd for Frontier Cartridge
Tonopah Tom won 4th for Duelists and also shot a clean match
Denio won 1st for Frontier Cartridge Duelists
Now for the bad part, and I know most of you won't believe this, but me, Kate, forgot her camera at lunch and the award ceremony booooo!!!  Belmont had a disposable camera and I did take everyone who won picture together and hopefully will receive it and put it on when I get it.
Sure sorry about that, I don't know what I was thinking, probably not thinking at all. . . . . .

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