Well, today we didn't have a regular shoot, but we did shoot 3 stages.

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There were 12 shooters, as Windy didn't shoot, she went shopping for stuff for the BBQ.

We were there to check and make sure we had everything for Roop County Days.  After we had a BBQ with hamburgers, salad and chips.

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Fanny brought a wonderful cake, which everyone raved about.  Hopefully everything is in order.  Denio wrote the Senarios (11 of them). 

We brought out straw to put in some of the burms so we don't get splatter.

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The weather was great and we had a nice time.
See you all at Roop County Days.  Come on out and camp with us.  Some of us will be there Wednesday on.
Friday night we will have some entertainment.  Saturday night will be our banquet, and I still need to hear from some of you.

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