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High Plains Drifters

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Well another successful Western States Shoot.  The weather cooperated with us and wasn't too hot or cold.
All the RV spaces were full this year, along with a lot on the side.  I would guess there had to be at least 50 or more RV's there this year.

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Now we had quite a few vendors and several eating places, food was really great, and they were the ones who furnished out meal for the banquet.

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Thursday night quite a few of us went to Quick Cal and Alotta Lead's house for a pot luck dinner.  Had a nice time.  Sorry, I didn't get any pictures of the side matches Thursday but the scores can be viewed by asking Tad Bit and she will post them for you.

I have to limit my pictures this time as I have 77 of them, so most of these will be awards and a few shooting ones.

  There were 10 posses, so I wasn't able to get around to taking pictures of each posse, but you can get your posse picture which was taken by Richard Booth.  Again, check with Tad Bit.

  We had 139 shooters that finished all 12 stages.  We shot both Friday and Saturday.

     ws0725.jpg (209961 bytes)  ws0701.jpg (166409 bytes)   ws0702.jpg (238800 bytes)   ws0713.jpg (210242 bytes)

  We started toward the end, so when it came time for us to move to bay #1, we had a trailer again this year to haul us and our carts up.. 

Friday night was pot luck dinner, and boy was there a lot of food there.  Everything was great.  (30, 32)

ws0730.jpg (195496 bytes)     ws0732.jpg (186634 bytes)

After dinner a few of the cowboys got together for their usual poker night (#35, 36). I heard Footloose Phil was the winner of the night, right?

ws0735.jpg (237277 bytes)     ws0736.jpg (224332 bytes)

Saturday night was our banquet and award night and again the weather wasn't too bad, a little wind and it wanted to rain, but we lucked out and it decided to move out of our way.  Everyone looked great in the fine duds and the women looked beautiful all dressed up.  Now for the winners of the Best Dressed for the Men it was Happy Hunter

ws0775.jpg (85781 bytes)

and for the Ladies it was Tad Bit

ws0778.jpg (76223 bytes) 

There was a special knife made special for Western States 2007 and that was won by Sagebrush Sam

ws0747.jpg (149728 bytes)

This years fancy holster and guns was won by Lash Latigo

ws0779.jpg (166212 bytes)     ws0781.jpg (106091 bytes)

Also a rifle was given away and that was won by Southpaw (#50).

  Now for the awards, these are just pictures, to get the list, go to the Western States web site and you can read the list of who was in each category. http://www.nevadacas.com/hpd.htm

49'r Class

ws0752.jpg (180078 bytes)

Classic Cowboy

ws0753.jpg (172706 bytes)


ws0754.jpg (151875 bytes)

Elder Statesman

ws0755.jpg (138952 bytes)


ws0756.jpg (148551 bytes)

Frontier Cartridge

ws0757.jpg (145698 bytes)

Frontier Cartridge Duelist

ws0758.jpg (162189 bytes)

Gun Fighter

ws0759.jpg (142093 bytes)

Junior Boys

ws0760.jpg (147443 bytes)

Ladies 49'r Class,  Alotta Lead was missing from picture, but  took 2nd place.

ws0772.jpg (74200 bytes)

Ladies Duelist

ws0761.jpg (120551 bytes)

Ladies Gunfighter

ws0762.jpg (145435 bytes)

Ladies Modern

ws0763.jpg (179736 bytes)

Ladies Senior

ws0764.jpg (151317 bytes)

Ladies Traditional

ws0765.jpg (164586 bytes)


ws0766.jpg (179581 bytes)


ws0767.jpg (165206 bytes)

Senior 60+

ws0768.jpg (138391 bytes)

Senior Duelist

ws0769.jpg (154616 bytes)

Super Senior 65+

ws0770.jpg (159373 bytes)


ws0771.jpg (152763 bytes)

Now for Sunday wasn't present for the Man-on-Man so I don't have any pictures this year.

Well, that is all for this time.  Hopefully we can get more people to attend next year, when they see these pictures maybe they may want to come out.  We all had a great time and I am sure next year will be just as fun or maybe even more fun.


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