"Little Hick"

AKA Carl Joseph Haag

November 6, 1967 - Kailua, Hawaii

June 15, 2024 - Las Vegas, Nevada


He's my son 


When Carl picked up a fishing pole at age three, he never put it down. A avid fisherman, he had 21 
fishing poles in his room with 9 tackle boxes.  Each tackle box was designed for a certain fish he
planned on catching.


Carl was dad's boy from the day he was born. 


Carl enjoyed being with his friends in Cowboy Action Shooting
Pictured above is Carl keeping the fires going at the Purgatory Flats shoot in Amargosa Valley, Nevada.
The shotgun above was presented to Bev and Dave at Eldorado 2024 In Memory of Carl "Lil Hick" Haag.

Little Hick

Carl Haag was a delight to know
And full of so much love
He got that from his parents
And the good Lord up above

He always had a smile to share
While telling of his day
And all of his accomplishments
He was very proud that way

He'd be driving that 4 wheeler
And could spot you a mile away
He'd made a bee line for you
To stop and talk and say

"Hello Hanna, Hello Doc
How are you today?
It's good to see you both again."
Then he'd be on his way

"Little Hick" as he was known
To all of his cowboy friends
Would pull the targets with his quad
And not quit until the end

Carl had special things to do
While he was here on earth
And he accomplished all them
It started with his birth

I know that God has said to Carl
"Well done, I like your style".
When I get up to Heaven
I'll be looking for his smile

With Love from Hanna Oakley


When Someone You Love Becomes A Memory, The Memory Becomes A Treasure.
Never Metta Stranger

Carl�s reward

This is a picture described to us by Carl�s Aunt Marge Shockley of Morristown, TN as we visited her before we had his Tennessee services on July 8, 2024.  Because of frail health she is not able to attend or write this story but she had this very real lovable picture of Carl going to heaven.  She says she pictures him going to the gates of heaven and being greeted by St. Peter.   He was led on to a nice little cabin with all the comforts of home.  He then asked St. Peter, �How much was this going to cost his mom and dad� The reply was, �Don�t worry about that, you earned it.�  He was shown there in his cabin every kind of fishing pole he could desire with bait to suit the kind of fishes he would catch.   Again, he asked, �How much is this going to cost my mom and dad?�  He received the same reply,  �Don�t worry about it, you earned all this.� Out back he was led to a large pond or lake with hundred of fishes and a little boat for him to take out.  Moving along the bank he even saw an old log that probably had a hole by it where the crappy fish love to hide.  Again he asked, �How much is this going to cost my mom and dad?�  The reply was the same as before, �Don�t worry about it, you earned it.�

Then Carl said to St. Peter, �You know if I did not take all those pills for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes; if my mom did not make the correct food for me or my dad did not give insulin shots; if I did not go to the dialysis treatment I could have been here sooner.�


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