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Stampede 2024

April 10-13, 2024




The Nevada Rangers will present a trophy at our 2024 Christmas Social to the Nevada Rangers Shootist of the Year.  This contest is open to all Nevada Rangers Life Members and current members or new members with membership dues paid up by January 31, 2024, but no later than the February 10, 2024 shoot.

During 2024 there will be ten (10) monthly shoots with no shoot in April because of Stampede and in December because of the SASS Convention and NFR.  At each shoot there will be six (6) stages shot, so each Ranger could have a maximum of sixty (60) stages during the 2024 year.  The best fifty (50) stages will be totaled up for each Ranger and the fastest total time for 2024 will receive the trophy.  The Ranger must have shot at least fifty (50) stages so this would allow the Ranger to miss a monthly shoot and to also drop several bad stages during 2024.  Should there be a tie; the Ranger with the most clean stages will be declared the winner.

So get your membership registration in now and plan on joining us in Jean on the second Sunday of each month (except for April and December) for fun and interesting stages and a chance to become Nevada Rangers Shootist of the Year.  Membership forms are available on the Nevada CAS site at

Joe Gill, President of Nevada Rangers

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Helldorado Day Parade

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Stampede 2024

Held 3/11-14,2024
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