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Jean, Nevada Shoots

Next Monthly Shoot
September 9th, 2024

The Nevada Rangers match will be held at the top of the hill, at the new berms BLM has made for us

Take I-15 south from Las Vegas to Jean, Nevada

Gold Strike Casino on East side of I-15, Nevada Landing on West side of I-15

Exit Jean and take left turn (east) going under I-15 to stop sign at Old LA Hwy

Turn left (north) on Ole LA Hwy for about two miles. Take a right (east) turn on the wide dirt road that goes under the railroad tracks. 
After going under the railroad tracks, continue for about 200 yards and take the dirt road right (north). Your thar. About 200 yards.

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New monthly shoot fees are as follows.

Member - Dues paid for current year or life member

Members monthly shoot fees are:
Member of Nevada Rangers - $7.00
Member shooting with spouse or S/O - $12.00
Junior Member (12-16) - $4.00

 Non Members monthly shoot fees are:
Non Member - $13.00
Non Member shooting with spouse or S/O - $18.00
Non Member Junior (12-16) - $4.00

Membership $25.00 single and $35.00 with spouse ...
This is per year renewable in January every year.  Membership includes level one and level two R/O instructions

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