Silver City Shooters Society

Membership Application - Please print complete and send to and send to SCSS
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New Member

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Renewal Membership
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[   ]  New Member $35.00 

[   ]  Renewal of membership $25.00

[   ]  New Member Significant other $25.00

[   ]  Renewal of membership Significant other $20.00

[   ]  New Member Junior (17 under) $20.00

[   ]  Renewal of membership Junior (17 Under) $15.00

[   ]  Life membership $250.00

  Life Membership for: _______________________________________________________
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  Badges $25.00 Each #______ Total $________.

  Total Enclosed: $ _______________

  Name: ________________________________Alias:_______________________________

  S/O Name:_____________________________Alias:_______________________________

  Junior Name:            ___________________________Alias:_______________________________

  Junior Name:___________________________            Alias:_______________________________

  Address: ______________________________________City: ________________________

  St.___________ Zip:____________ PH#: ________________ Fax# ___________________

  E-Mail: ________________________________________

SASS #: ______________ NRA #: ______________

Make Check or MO payable to SCSS:  Send to: 
SCSS Membership, 4004 Monte Mia Cir, Las Vegas, Nv. 89108.

Questions:  Oklahoma at (702) 657-8822

Silver City Shooters Society is located and shoots in Clark County and a blue card is required by law to bring a pistol to Silver City match, so we let the Sheriff take care of membership criteria.  You must be able to bring a pistol to Silver City match legally.

SCSS Use Only

Member#_______________:              Enrollment Date: ___________

Membership Credentials Mailed: ____________  By: ____________________

Fees and Dues

The fees and dues charged by Silver City Shooting Society are based on the fee 
structure of our parent organization, The Single Action Shooting Society.


First Year Basic Dues $35.00

Spouse or Significant Other $25.00

Dependents (17 and under) $20.00

Life Membership $250.00


Individual Basic $25.00

Spouse or Significant Other $20.00

Dependents (17 and under) $15.00

(You pay only for 1st Junior. All other Juniors are free)

Shooting Fees (Monthly Matches)

Dues Paid Members $10.00

Guests $15.00

New Guys (First Match) $00.00

Members Family Rate

($10.00 for first & $5.00 for each additional family member)

Guests Family Rate

($15.00 for first and $10.00 for each additional family member)

Please read and sign Waiver

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