The Territorial Governors are discussing a new idea that makes a great deal of sense to me, and I would like to see them endorsed and placed in the Shooters Handbook.  Take a look and see if you can support these guidelines. If you like what you see let Oklahoma or Otto-N-Sure know.

Is it time we addressed a standard in stage writing and a standard in �Understood Stage Behavior�? End of Trail has for the last two years used what is called �Stage Conventions.� It is a list of rules every shooter is expected to know and follow on every stage. They are as follows:


Or a few things you should know about every stage.

1.     All knockdown shotgun targets may be reengaged until down.

2.     All knockdown targets (shotgun, rifle, or revolver) must go down to count.

3.     All staged guns shall have their barrels pointed safely downrange.

4.     Staged shotguns shall be open and empty.

5.     Shooters may not start a stage with ammunition in hand.

6.     Long guns shall be discarded open and empty with their barrels pointed safely down range.

7.     Unless otherwise stated, revolvers are returned to leather after the shooting string.

8.     Revolvers are drawn and used in accordance with the shooter�s category.

9.     Safe gun handling is the shooter�s responsibility. The 170 degree safety rule is in effect. When there is a live round under the hammer, the basketball traveling rule is in effect.

10.                        Where possible, all long guns shall be staged where no part of the firearm hangs over the edge.

11.                        Unless otherwise stated in the stage description, shooters shall start with revolver holstered and hands not touching any firearm.

12.                        If no starting position is given, the shooter shall stand fully erect with hands at their side not touching revolvers.

Interpersonal Conflicts will not be tolerated at this event.

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