Steptoe Valley Raiders

June 2023 Newsletter

We had a fun turn-out for our monthly shoot Sat. We got a new member, Ray Mix, going by the name of Deadwood Dick. He is!!! If you're wondering!! His grandfather's uncle was Tom Mix!!! We're glad to have him, and he did the first stage faster than any of us has-in 40 seconds and no misses. He missed one target on the second stage, and won the overall with a total time of 109 seconds. He is looking forward to next month. I missed one target on the first stage, and (yippee) none on the second. They did suggest they could have timed me on a sun-dial-haha I was under 120 seconds, and who cares, I had fun!!

While we were in Rexburg, Id. the last 10 days we were lucky enough to find out the Twin Butte Bunch were having a shoot. Their permanent home is at the county gun range. They Took 2 1/2 years to go SASS, and they are into over six years as a club. They also have 78 members. There were about 40 out there the day we were there. They have great buildings, and old long cabin genuine homes. They had a single wide given them, and it is their club house-very nice. There is a railroad track they have a car on, and someone (?) pushes it and the shooter tries to hit the targets. They have about a dozen permanent stages. They have great targets, coyotes, snakes, "bad guys" painted up, mallards, on and on. Just imagination. They do have a caretaker so no one goes in and tears up the place. You can look up They have a big shoot coming up Sept 14-17. It's a long way, but I think well worth it. They shoot the 3rd Sat. of the month. The Idaho falls group shoots the first month, but I don't have a name or info. I'll bet one could get it from Twin Butte Bunch. A phone number is 208-709-1708. Pass this on to your readers and riders. This is on the ground shooting. I never thought to ask about mounted shooting. And, Rexburg is only 80 miles from Yellowstone. We took that little trip. Wonderful. Such gorgeous scenery. And the Tetons, and Jackson!! What a trip!!

Wicked Lil  Steptoe Valley Raiders
Secretary, Treasurer

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