Mr. Merv  Boyd, Assistant Area Manager

Las Vegas Field Office, Bureau of Land Management

4701 N. Torrey  Pines

Las Vegas , NV 89130


Dear Mr. Boyd:


Please accept this letter as my comments to the public input process concerning the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act Round 6 Recommendations. I am extremely disappointed that the Parks, Trails, and Natural Area's Sub Group did not recommend the Clark County Sport Shooting Park for full funding without any changes.


The Clark County Sport Shooting Park will be the only public shooting area in the Las Vegas Valley . Over the course of the life of the SNPLMA many parks, trails and natural areas have been funded for other outdoor recreation users. In over five years of funding, with $1.6 billion of public money spent, only a very small portion has been allocated for a park to provide a place for safe recreational shooting. It is time to recognize the recreational shooter as a valid constituent as per your national mandate for multiple use facilities.


Now is the time to respond to the needs of the more than one quarter million recreational and hobby shooters that reside in the Las Vegas valley and the thousands of American citizens that will come to participate in shooting events at the park.  Their need is valid.  Their need is legitimate.  Their need is greater than any other group vying for funding in Round 6.


I urge the Bureau of Land Management and the Secretary of the Interior to fully fund Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Clark County Sport Shooting Park in Round 6 with no changes or omissions.


Thank you for your attention to this matter,






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