Silver City Shooters Society, LLC
4004 Monte Mia Circle
Las Vegas, NV  89108

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President of SCSS

Daisy Mayhem  


Western Cup 2024

January 25, 26 & 27, 2024

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Silver City News
August 2024

    The Board of Trustees is proud to announce the appointment of Daisy Mayhem as President of the Silver City Shooters Society effective immediately.

    Daisy, on accepting, stated she will be needing a lot of help and won't be bashful about asking for it.  

Mission Statement


The purpose of Silver City Shooting Society is to provide a venue for the members of Silver City Shooting Society and their guests to participate in a shooting discipline called Cowboy Action Shooting. The Single Action Shooting Society will be used as a guide in governing the conduct of the Silver City Shooting Society´┐Żs matches.

The Silver City Shooting Society will host a monthly competition in which all members and guest will be able to participate in Cowboy Action Shooting. Additionally Silver City Shooting Society will host an annual competition which will be called The Western Cup. Invitations to The Western Cup will be widely distributed to one and all who participate in Cowboy Action Shooting.

Silver City Shooting Society is a Shooting Club governed by a seven or more member board of Trusties.

This Mission Statement is approved as written and will be followed unless amended by the Board of Trusties.

Questions - E-mail Daisy Mayhem  

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Peanut Cowboys

Bonnet Shoot Held Nov.2024 Pictures 

Be careful when you leave Silver City Shooters alone at night in the desert.  
Out comes a karaoke machine and people start to show how entertaining they are.  
I took these on the night of the July shoot.

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Western Cup Held January 

Scores Posted / Pictures

Western Cup Held January

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Western Cup Held Janruay

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