Stampede 2023

Results as of Friday - 3/12/2023

Stampede Staff & Helpers

Overall Results

Category Results

Plainsman .22 Cal. Event Derringer &
Pocket Pistol
Long Range Pistol Long Range Rifle Cal.
Buffalo Shoot Single Shot Rifle Long Range Lever
Pistol Cal.


stampede0401.jpg (75894 bytes)

Bright Sunny

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Posse Pictures

stampede0403.jpg (74171 bytes)

Umbrellas Out

stampede0407.jpg (43132 bytes)

TG & Waddie Reception

stampede0405.jpg (55264 bytes)

Tex tries hand shooting
Sacramento Johnson's
10 ga.

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Never Met A Stranger

stampede0404.jpg (73958 bytes)

Half A Hand Henry

stampede0408.jpg (83862 bytes)

Wild Shot

stampede0409.jpg (65159 bytes)


stampede0410.jpg (76763 bytes)

Tex meets
Lil Penny Wrangler

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